If you’ve got an electric car and somewhere to park it at home, a home electric car charger is a great idea.

  • For most people, charging at home through a wallbox charger is the easiest way to top up your car’s batteries.

  • According to the Government’s Go Ultra Low campaign, up to 90 per cent of electric vehicles are charged at home. But it can take a long time to top up your batteries when using a standard domestic plug. So, to speed up the process, many owners invest in a charging unit known as a wallbox.

zappi car charger
  • You’ll need some form of off-street parking, but within reason, your new wallbox can be placed exactly where you want it.

  • Typically, this will be overnight, effectively allowing you to refuel your car while you sleep. At that cheaper rate, topping up a standard Nissan Leaf could cost as little as £4 – or just over 2p per mile. Most wallboxes will supply alternating current (AC) at a maximum of 7.4kW.