Terms and Conditions


  • We are currently VAT registered, all our estimate's / quote's are including VAT

  • All extras and variations must be agreed in writing prior to commencement.

  • All figures quoted are valid for a period of 30 days from the date of the estimate.


  • Unless otherwise agreed with you by us, we will issue an invoice for the full amount due on completion of the Services. Invoices will be due for payment 7 days from the day on which we dispatch the invoice to you.


  • We try very hard to accurately estimate costs but unforeseen circumstances may result in additional labour and resource costs.


  • All work and materials are guaranteed for 12 Months from the date of installation (unless stated otherwise). Such cover does not extend to goods not supplied by Chelmsford Electrical, physical damage to products, or any instance where the original installation has been altered or tampered with subsequently by third parties.


  • Where work is to extend or modify existing circuits, costs quoted assume that the existing installation is in adequate condition and complies with minimum current regulations. Any works found required to bring the necessary parts of the existing installation up to standard will be at additional cost.

  • Where carpet or flooring coverings may require lifting to allow concealed installation work this is covered in the scope of works. We will make every effort to avoid damaging them and to refit them to an acceptable standard. However, consideration of employing a specialist fitter may be prudent, at your cost to ensure a fully satisfactory reinstatement upon completion of work.

  • Unless agreed beforehand, chases to walls, etc will require filling and skimming at your cost except where we have made arrangements for this to take place. While chasing is dusty work all provisions to contain the dust will be made. All efforts will be made to minimizes damage to walls when chasing but Chelmsford Electrical will not be responsible for unavoidable damage from blow plaster or substandard brick or block work

  • All endeavors will be made to undertake installation work to a clean standard, using dustsheets and vacuum cleaning equipment as necessary. You are advised to ensure that breakables and loose items are packed away during works.

  • Re-decoration and final making good is excluded from quoted costs, unless specifically detailed as included.

  • Removal from site and disposal of rubble, fittings, wiring, materials, general waste and packaging is not included.


  • We are covered by public and products liability of £2000000


  • Complaints should be addressed to the proprietor and a written record of complaints and outcomes will be kept on record.


  • Customers often find it useful to see examples of work we have undertaken to appreciate how work ordered might look in their own buildings. We may therefore take photographs of work for use on our digital platforms and paper-based media.  Pictures will never be taken that allow the property or customer to be identified.  We will also never use an image that may cause offence, embarrassment or distress.  If you would prefer us not to take pictures of work or if you would like an image removed please notify us.